Free Storage Heaters May be Available to
Replace Your Faulty Electric Storage Heaters

Electric Storage Heaters replaced with help from an ECO Grant

Free Storage Heaters - Electric Storage Heaters

Government Grants are available to replace your faulty Electric Storage Heaters

The Government's ECO Scheme provides grants to qualifying households to replace broken electric storage heaters with new energy efficient storage heaters. You may also qualify for Free Electric Storage Heaters if you have electric panel heaters in your home or no heating system at all.

Electric Storage Heaters are sometimes called night storage heaters because they heat up using cheap electricity during the night when demand for it is lower.

The stored heat is released into your home during the following day when electricity prices would be higher. Electricity used during the night is charged on a different tariff from that used during the day.

How do Electric Storage Heaters work?

Electric Storage Heaters are ideal to heat homes which do not have a mains gas supply.

Electric Storage Heaters look similar to central heating radiators but contain clay or ceramic bricks which are capable of storing heat generated from electricity overnight. This stored heat is then released throughout the following day as it is required which is why they are sometimes referred to as electric night storage heaters.

With electric storage heaters you can control the input of heat stored in the clay or ceramic bricks and you can control the output of that stored heat the following day. 

The only type of electric storage heaters which can be installed with a Storage Heater Grant are High Heat Retention storage heaters. These are exceptionally well insulated heaters which means that the heat stored overnight lasts longer throughout the following day.

Programmable Electric Storage Heaters

Modern electric storage heaters can be programmed to release heat into your home for the times when you will need it, such as mornings and evenings.

They are also are also fan-assisted, drawing air into and through the heater and discharging it as warm air through a vent at its base for very cold days. Fan-assisted storage heaters usually have fans with more than one speed as well as a thermostat which allows you to control the heat output much better and set the desired temperature independently for each room in your home.

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Electric Storage Heaters and Economy 7

The Economy 7 electricity tariff is so named because it allows you to take advantage of cheaper electricity during seven hours of night time. 

This is usually between midnight and 7 am during winter months and 1 am and 8 am during summer months. Economy 7 electricity is generally a third of the cost of electricity you use during the day time.

Homes on the Economy 7 tariff will have a special electricity meter which recognises the time of day when electricity is used. Your meter will have two sets of numbers and your electricity bill will show two separate readings of usage so that they can be charged at a different rate.

Advantages of Electric Storage Heaters
  • Electric storage heaters can be installed in almost any room, and in more homes than gas central heating can, as more homes have mains electricity than a gas supply.

  • Storage heaters have very few moving parts inside and therefore they are very reliable, requiring little or no maintenance.

  • Compared to other domestic heating systems, storage heaters are less expensive to install because they require no pipework or plumbing.

Disadvantages of Electric Storage Heaters
  • Electricity is more expensive than gas per unit of heat energy used.

  • Electric storage heaters are not as flexible as some other heating systems because they do not offer the same instant control of the heat output as central heating boilers can.  Also, if your heating has been switched off for a few days, because you are relying on overnight electricity to heat up the storage heaters, you will not have heating the following day without using more expensive daytime electricity.

  • Unlike gas central heating, electric storage heaters will only provide heat for your home. You will need another heating system to provide your hot water.

Electric Storage Heaters - Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater in the Hallway
Elnur™ Electric Storage Heaters

Elnur™ was founded in 1973 and is now one of the leading European suppliers of energy efficient electric heating for domestic properties.

Elnur™ holds international certifications of compliance with quality and environmental standards including ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Control Management System and ISO 14001 : 2004 Environmental Management System.

Elnur™ claims Ecombi electric storage heaters are the most economical storage heater available on the market.

The Ecombi smart system assesses energy consumption and heat output every day in order to establish your heat needs precisely and to effectively adjust the energy required; adapting to your daily needs whatever the weather conditions.

The Ecombi smart system constantly monitors room temperature to ensure that it is always at the level you require.

Free Electric Storage Heaters - Elnur Ecombi
Dimplex™ Electric Storage Heaters

The Glen Dimplex Group claims to be the world leader in intelligent electric heating systems and renewable energy solutions with world-wide manufacturing facilities.

Dimplex™ claim that Quantum range is the world’s most advanced off-peak electric storage heaters and the perfect replacement for old, inefficient electric storage heaters. 

Quantum is designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by Dimplex.  Quantum uses low-cost, off-peak electricity to make it the most economical off-peak electric heating system available today.

Quantum Electric Storage Heaters have a sleek, modern, slimline design and can be installed as a standalone heater or part of a system in multiple rooms.

State-of-the-art Quantum intelligently adapts to match both weather conditions and your lifestyle, by delivering heat only when you need it.

Quantum is an award-winning off-peak electric heater which totally transforms your heating and your home.

Dimplex Quantum and Elnur Ecombi Electric Storage Heaters are available with a Government ECO Grant, to replace faulty storage heaters
Dimplex Quantum Electric Storage Heaters